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5 tips to improve your booking experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

STEP 1: Have your list of contents ready.

The list should contain everything you want to move that does not go in a box. For instance things like: bed, sofa, chairs, TV, standing lamps, large pictures, air conditioners, microwaves and so on. This way, we are better prepared to handle your move.

STEP 2: Check your elevator availability.

Check which elevator times are available to you then talk to us about our availability.

STEP 3: For people purchasing/selling their residence.

Whenever possible do not move on the closing day of the purchase of your new residence. One can never be certain when access will be legally granted to the destination address. If you have to move on your closing day then your move should be booked to start in mid-afternoon. It can get very expensive otherwise.

STEP 4: Talking to us.

Be prepared for a 15 minute conversation.

STEP 5: Final step. Review and agreement.

A confirmation email will be sent. It will contain your booking information and a link to our online contract. Please carefully review your booking information and let us know of any additions/corrections that may be required. Also, review the online contract and write your name and date, and click the “I Agree” button.

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