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6 tips for improving your moving experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

To speed up removal of your items from your residence:

1. Use boxes for the small items

Make sure that everything that can go in a box, goes in a box.

2.The first things movers move

Movers always go for the easiest to pack items first, such as boxes, dressers, bookshelves etc. Therefore make sure all boxes and furniture are easily accessible to the movers. Also, the movers need some space to shrinkwrap certain pieces.

3. Disassemble all the furniture that can’t fit through the door.

We are happy to disassemble and reassemble any furniture at no extra charge. However, if you do so yourself, the move will be quicker and therefore cheaper.

4. Easy access to your contents

Make sure the movers can easily navigate through your house or apartment. Kids and pets should, if possible, be kept away to avoid accidents.

5. Use color labels

They will aid in organization of your contents. Having a system to identify certain types of objects will better inform the movers on how to move and where to place your contents.

6. Don’t forget anything

Double check each room before leaving the place. Small items can be easily forgotten. Walk in each room and take a good look to see if there is anything that needs to be moved. Once a room is clear it is a good idea to close the door thus marking it as finished.

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